High DA Question and Answer Sites List October 2023

High DA Question and Answer Sites List October 2023

Hello, Audience! If you are one of the SEO specialists and want to acquire knowledge about one of the rising phenomena in SEO, this blog is for you.

Do you know many SEO predictions about the 2023, SEO marketing tools were published in 2010, but marketers have not talked about the increasing popularity of question and answer sites list?. So in this blog, we will discuss one of the great opportunities to boost our future.

Have you checked out Google’s recent update? I think you must know it, and you must be thinking that Q & A sites are now useless. But if you think from a future perspective, you will get to know that many Q & A sites will assist you, and it still can be used as great marketing efforts. 

So, if you ignore the High PR Question Answer sites, it will be like shooting yourself in the foot.

What are Question and Answer Sites, and How it Works?

Before knowing more about this brilliant concept’s never-ending marketing opportunities, we will first understand what Q & A sites are.

A Question and Answer website is a site where all the site creators use the pop culture icons pictures to answer input from the website’s audience, most probably in Question / Answer format.

The below pointers will explain to you more about the importance of the Question and Answer websites list.

1 – The Recent Trend: Visitors Google more Questions in Comparison to Generic Keywords

According to the latest reports, the general audience asks more questions than generic Keywords. We are not saying that the generic keywords’ search volume is getting down, but the volume question queries are getting high. The best part of this fact is that this phenomenon goes well with the keywords

2 – The Popularity of Q and A Website

The Q and A trend are gaining popularity since last year, check out the evidence on Google, and you will get to know all the updates about this exciting trend. You will get to know the Psychology behind our search or about the evolution of search habits.

But you might feel that content farm updates spoke that some of the question and answer submission sites are erased, but there are alternatives available; you must check it out. For Web 2.0 website list are available here.

3 – Golden Opportunity to Diversify Your Backlinks Profile

It is always suggested that you must include links of different websites in your backlinks profile and do not depend upon only one type (e.g., forums, news sites, blogs, static sites, networks/social bookmarks).

4 – Pages that the Audience Prefers Linking To

Let us take an example you have written some useful content about your blog’s travel insurance. And your principal is to make it available for users too, and then what you will do is link it to the external sources in a meaningful context. But have you link it to some commercial sites, corporation ones, or go for a question and answer website. 

Question and Answer Sites List

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